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Blog Buddy Report

Last Updated: June 15, 2007

Comes the Darkness, Comes the Light:
A Memoir of Cutting, Healing, and Hope

by Vanessa Vega

Published by AMACOM Books

Comes the Darkness, Comes the Light by Vanessa Vega


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Blog Statistics


Number of blog entries posted: 36
Number of comments left on your blog: 91
Number of LiveJournal "Friends" who have added your blog: 31

LiveJournal Communities Contacted

Self-Injury & Eating Disorders
(* denotes comments received)

Education / Teachers
(* denotes comments received)
1st Year Teachers * Educators Elem_Ed

Blogs Contacted

(* denotes comments received)
Progressive U
"We provide a community space where you're more than a face." 05/15/07: Left comment on 03/02/07 entry entitled "Self Injury Epidemic."
[link] [screen shot]
Barbara's Tchatzkahs
"Spirituality, Judaism, Eretz Yisroel, Psychology, Disability Issues, Liberal/Progressive Politics, Women's Issues, Satire and Other Pieces of Me." 05/15/07: Left comment on 03/22/07 entry entitled "Self Injury Awareness Month."
[link] [screen shot]
State of Affairs Blog
Blog for a radio show based in Louisville, KY. 05/15/07: Left comment on 03/14/07 entry entitled "Self Injury."
[link] [screen shot]
Recovery is Sexy
"Discusses recovery from alcoholism, addiction, gambling, overeating, anorexia, codependency and sex addiction." 05/16/07: Left comment on 05/16/07 entry entitled "Self-Injury, Self-Harm."
[link] [screen shot]
Arne B *
Blog with commentary on current events. 05/16/07: Left comment on 05/16/07 entry entitled "New Test to Predict Self-Injury."
[link] [screen shot]
Hope Fields *
Personal blog. 05/16/07: Left comment on 05/15/07 entry entitled "Expression of Anger."
[link] [screen shot]
Linda Diane Feldt *
Blog of a Holistic Health Practitioner. 05/17/07: Left comment on 05/16/07 entry entitled "What Am I Trying to Teach?"
[link] [screen shot]
Quite So
Personal blog. 05/17/07: Left comment on 05/17/07 entry entitled "Knitting to Recovery."
[link] [screen shot]
The F Word
"Food. Fat. Feminism." 05/17/07: Left comment on 05/16/07 entry entitled "Adult Women and Eating Disorders."
[link] [screen shot]
The Huffington Post
"Top news and opinion." 05/17/07: Left comment on 05/16/07 entry entitled "Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters."
[link] [screen shot]
Juicy Lips, Bitter Words *
"Top news and opinion." 05/17/07: Left comment on 05/16/07 entry entitled "A Call To The Media: Anorexia & Being Underweight - Spot-light change."
[link] [screen shot]
S.A.F.E. Alternatives *
S.A.F.E. = "Self-Abuse Finally Ends." 05/17/07: Left comment on 04/22/07 entry entitled "Life After Self-Injury?"
[link] [screen shot]
Naked Medicine
"A blog about the science, business, and human side of medicine." 05/17/07: Left comment on 04/28/06 entry entitled "Interview on Self-Injury."
[link] [screen shot]
The Hall Monitor *
"Keeping an eye on education." 05/21/07: Left comment on 05/21/07 entry entitled "Self-Injurious Behavior."
[link] [screen shot]
Health and Nursing Issues (Australia) *
"Clearinghouse for health, nursing and aged care issues in Australia." 05/21/07: Left comment on 04/29/07 entry entitled "Self Harm Craze Sweeping Schools."
[link] [screen shot]
05/22/07: Vanessa's comment was re-posted by blogmaster as a new entry.
[link] [screen shot]
A Blog of Some Sorts
Personal blog. 05/21/07: Left comment on 03/27/07 entry entitled "Para-suicide."
[link] [screen shot]
Libertaria - The Perfect America
"A personal journal of my opinion on politics, news, mental health, personal interests, the unexplained, and the paranormal." 05/24/07: Left comment on 03/05/07 entry entitled "The Self Injury Bill of Rights."
[link] [screen shot]
Daily Straying *
Personal blog. 05/24/07: Left comment on 05/20/07 entry entitled "Anyone for EBT ... ?"
[link] [screen shot]
Young Adult Library Services Association
"To advocate, promote and strengthen service to young adults as part of the continuum of total library service." 05/24/07: Left comment on 02/16/07 entry entitled "Self-Injury Awareness Day."
[link] [screen shot]
Experiencing the Journey
Personal blog. 05/24/07: Left comment on 05/17/07 entry entitled "Stages of Forgiveness (Part 2)."
[link] [screen shot]
"Self Injury Guidance and Support Network." 05/24/07: Left comment on 05/14/07 entry entitled "Come work with LifeSIGNS: Trainers Required."
[link] [screen shot]
05/27/07: LifeSIGNS requested review copy of book.
Finding the Light in the Darkness *
"The story of an abuse survivor." 05/24/07: Left comment on 03/23/07 entry entitled "Trying to Breathe."
[link] [screen shot]
Ericka's Vox
Personal blog. 05/24/07: Left comment on 03/29/07 entry entitled "Coming Out Of The Mental Illness Closet."
[link] [screen shot]
Sharp Blue *
Personal blog. 05/24/07: Left comment on entry entitled "Self-Injury Awareness Day."
[link] [screen shot]
I Will Not Eat the Darkness
Personal blog. 05/24/07: Left comment on 04/02/07 entry entitled "Cutting."
[link] [screen shot]
Taking Over the World
Personal blog. 05/25/07: Left comment on 03/02/07 entry entitled "Today's the Day."
[link] [screen shot]
Japan Probe
Blog on issues relating to Japan. 05/25/07: Left comment on 03/13/07 entry entitled "Health Ministry Survey."
[link] [screen shot]
The Inner Sanctum
Personal blog. 05/25/07: Left comment on 05/20/07 entry entitled "Random Musings."
[link] [screen shot]
Mental Help
"The Mental Help Net website exists to promote mental health and wellness education and advocacy." 05/25/07: Left comment on 12/27/06 entry entitled "Eating Disorders, Self Mutilation and Unexpressed Emotions: A Deadly Relationship."
[link] [screen shot]
Whateverlife Magazine
"Your zine, your voice!" 05/25/07: Left comment on 01/29/07 entry entitled "Self Mutilation – A Cry For Help Or Just Another Fad?"
[link] [screen shot]
Arts in Health
Issues relating to art therapy. 05/31/07: Left comment on 02/11/07 entry entitled "Self-Injury: One Family’s Story."
[link] [screen shot]
Incurable Hippie's Musings and Rants
Personal blog. 06/04/07: Left comment on 03/12/07 entry entitled "The Difference Between Self-Harm and Suicide."
[link] [screen shot]
Imaginif *
"Make child protection conversation serious business." 06/04/07: Left comment on 05/19/07 entry entitled "If Pain is More than Skin Deep, Why Harm the Skin?"
[link] [screen shot]
The Lesbian Lifestyle
"Our stories told." 06/04/07: Left comment on 03/04/07 entry entitled "National Self Injury Awareness Day."
[link] [screen shot]
That Blog is Mental
Blog about mental health issues. 06/04/07: Left comment on 05/27/07 entry entitled "Self Harm."
[link] [screen shot]
MySpace: Victim's Advocate *
Blog on victim's rights issues. 06/05/07: Left comment on 06/02/07 entry entitled "Cutting to Cope - The Life of a Cutter."
[link] [screen shot]
MySpace: Jesika
Personal blog. 06/05/07: Left comment on 03/01/07 entry entitled "March 1st: Self Injyry Awareness Day."
[link] [screen shot]

Comments on News Articles

(* denotes comments received)
The Lantern Online
Student newspaper of Butler Community College in Kansas. 05/15/07: Left comment on 04/02/07 article entitled "Cutting: A Serious Epidemic."
[link] [screen shot]
WHOI Online
"Your 24/7 source for everything in the Heart of Illinois." 05/16/07: Left comment on 09/12/06 article entitled "Health Professionals Say Self Injury Is A Growing Concern."
[link] [screen shot]
E-Zine Articles *
Article syndication site. 05/17/07: Left comment on 12/01/05 article entitled "SELF-INJURY - You Are Not the Only One."
[link] [screen shot]
Battle Creek Enquirer
Michigan newspaper. 05/21/07: Left comment on 05/21/07 article entitled "Recovering Anorexic Shares Her Story."
[link] [screen shot]
Packet Online
Princeton, New Jersey, newspaper. 06/04/07: Left comment on 05/15/07 article entitled "Internet Poses Dangers to Youth."
[link] [screen shot]
Santa Barbara Independent
California newspaper. 06/04/07: Left comment on 05/03/07 article entitled "One Young Author Speaks Up."
[link] [screen shot]
Isthmus The Daily Page
Wisconsin newspaper. 06/04/07: Left comment on 04/16/07 article entitled "Cut: Teens and Self Injury at the 2007 Wisconsin Film Festival."
[link] [screen shot]

Website Message Boards Contacted

A username is needed for most of these boards in order to view the original message.
(* denotes comments received)
SIARI Message Board
"A free international internet service of information, resources, and support" on Self-Injury And Related Issues (SIARI). 05/11/07: Left response on 03/07/07 message entitled "What I've Learned About My Own SI Behavior."
[link] [screen shot]
Stop Picking On Me! *
"Make Peace With Your Critical Self and Heal Nervous, Habitual, Obsessive, Compulsive Skin Picking." 05/31/07: Posted in "Individual Journals" forum.
[link] [screen shot]
Can't Shout, Can't Scream
"A self-injury (self-harm) 'zine." 05/31/07: Posted on message board.
[link] [screen shot]
iVillage *
One of the top women's communities on the Internet. 05/31/07: Posted on Self-Injury message board in Safe Place to Share.
[link] [screen shot]
Recover Your Life *
"One of the biggest and best Self Harm Communities on the Internet." 05/31/07: Posted in General Forums > Introductions.
[link] [screen shot]
Safe Haven *
Self-injury support. 06/04/07: Posted in Announcements and Important Information > Introduce Yourself.
[link] [screen shot]
Meetup provides networking for those interested in similar topics. 06/05/07: Posted on Worldwide Self-Injury Meetup Message Board.
[link] [screen shot]
Bodies Under Siege (BUS) *
"A close-knit and caring community for people who self-harm." 06/05/07: Posted in Bodies Under Siege > Bodies Under Siege.
[link] [screen shot]
Real Mental Health (1)
Message boards on various topics relating to mental health. 06/04/07: Posted on general Real Mental Health Message Board.
[link] [screen shot]
Real Mental Health (2)
Message boards on various topics relating to mental health. 06/04/07: Posted on Self-Injury Message Board.
[link] [screen shot]
Real Mental Health (3)
Message boards on various topics relating to mental health. 06/04/07: Posted on Eating Disorders Message Board.
[link] [screen shot]
Bleeding Dry *
Self-injury support message board. 06/04/07: Posted in News > Introductions.
[link] [screen shot]
WebMD *
"Better information. Better health." 06/04/07: Posted on Self Harm Support Group.
[link] [screen shot]
Psyke *
"Self injury information and support." 06/04/07: Posted in Self Injury.
[link] [screen shot]
BPD Today *
Information about and support for Borderline Personality Disorder. 06/04/07: Posted in Self Injury.
[link] [screen shot]
National Self Harm Network (NHSN) *
A survivor-led organization since 1994. 06/04/07: Posted in Survivor Room.
[link] [screen shot]
Mezzo Brit
Small self-injury support community. 06/04/07: Posted in General.
[link] [screen shot]

Guest Books Signed

LifeSIGNS - 05/16/07 [link] [screen shot]

Red Rain - 05/30/07 [link] [screen shot]

Mirror-Mirror - 05/30/07 [link]

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