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Website Pitch Report

Last Updated: September 12, 2007

Health Care Reform Now!:
A Prescription for Change

by George C. Halvorson

Published by Wiley

Health care Reform Now by George C. Halvorson

About Your Report:

We requested a placement for your display (excerpt, op-ed, etc.) at all the websites shown below. For those sites with bookstores, we asked them to use the display in the bookstore. For non-bookstore sites, we asked them to use the display as a feature article. We have no control over whether people will install your display or not. The address of each site is provided below so that you can look for your display.
Health Care For All
"Health Care For All is building a movement of empowered people and organizations in Massachusetts with the goal of creating a health care system that is responsive to the needs of all people, particularly the most vulnerable." 09/12/07: Requested placement on HCFA Monthly News page page from John [email address removed from public report].
"The Politico launched in January, 2007 with the mission of covering the politics of Capitol Hill and of the presidential campaign, and the business of Washington lobbying and advocacy with enterprise, style, and impact. The Politico is a publication of Capitol News Company, LLC." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Politics '08 page via webform.
Modern Healthcare Online
Online presence of the print magazine, "the industry's number one choice when it comes to healthcare business news and information." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Information Edge page from [email address removed from public report].
Consumer Driven Health Care
A special project of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NPCA), this is "a one-stop-shop for information on consumer-driven and consumer-centric health information for consumers, researchers, policy-makers and the media." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Quality Health Care page via webform.
Alliance to Defend Health Care
"We are a group of health care professionals and others who believe that health care is a fundamental human right, and that the delivery of health care should be guided by science and compassion, not by corporate self-interest." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Resources page from [email address removed from public report].
"CVS Caremark is the nation's premier integrated pharmacy services provider, combining one of the nation's leading pharmaceutical services companies with the country’s largest pharmacy chain." Book reviewers are members of the Consumer Health Interactive's medical advisory board. 09/12/07: Requested placement on Book Reviews page from Elaine Herscher, [email address removed from public report].
Dissident Voice
"Dissident Voice is an internet newsletter dedicated to challenging the distortions and lies of the corporate press and the privileged classes it serves. The goal of Dissident Voice is to provide hard hitting, thought provoking and even entertaining news and commentaries on politics and culture that can serve as ammunition in struggles for peace and social justice." 09/12/07: Requested placement on the blog from Sunil Sharma, [email address removed from public report].
American Health Care Reform
"National health insurance will protect our freedom, boost our economy and above all, save lives. It's the right prescription for America." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Research/Books page from [email address removed from public report].
CATO Institute
"The Cato Institute was founded in 1977 by Edward H. Crane. It is a non-profit public policy research foundation headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Institute is named for Cato's Letters, a series of libertarian pamphlets that helped lay the philosophical foundation for the American Revolution." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Health Care Reading List page from [email address removed from public report].
Consumers for Health Care Choices
"A non-partisan, non-profit membership organization aimed at empowering consumers in the health care system." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Resources page from [email address removed from public report].
Galen Institute
"An innovative research organization focusing on health and tax policy." 09/12/07: Requested inclusion in Health Policy Matters, their free weekly e-newsletter from [email address removed from public report]g.
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
"A voice for private physicians since 1943." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Health Care Reform page from [email address removed from public report].
The Independent Institute
"The mission of The Independent Institute is to transcend the all-too-common politicization and superficiality of public policy research and debate, redefine the debate over public issues, and foster new and effective directions for government reform." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Store page via webform.
Alliance for Health Reform
"A nonpartisan, nonprofit group, the Alliance believes that all in the U.S. should have health coverage at a reasonable cost. But we do not lobby for any particular blueprint, nor do we take positions on legislation. Since 1991, the Alliance has organized more than 200 forums in Washington and around the nation, each presenting a balance of expert views." 09/12/07: Requested placement on Quality of Care page from [email address removed from public report].

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