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Linkage Report

About Your Linkage Report:

We visited all the web sites shown below looking for an appropriate place to add a link to your site. We then sent e-mail to the person responsible for maintaining the site and requested a link to your site. We have no control over whether people will link or not. The address of each site is provided below so that you can look for your link.

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Links Requested:

American Studies Web: Literature and Hypertext
Decent-sized list of literature links. Contacted Crossroads staff, 5/3/99.

Art.Net Links: Literature References
Part of Art.Net, large list of arts-related links. Contacted Jennifer Chien, Maintainer, 5/1/99.
Major site focused on British and British-related literature. Contacted Christopher D. Ball, owner, 4/30/99. Requested "Magazines" page: Responded, will place link, 4/30/99.

Digital Librarian
Large list of book-related links. Contacted Margaret Vail Anderson, owner, 5/1/99. Requested "Literature" page:

English Literature on the Web
Major Japanese archive of literary links. Contacted Mitsuharu Matsuoka, owner, 5/1/99. Requested "General - Literary Magazines/Journals" section. Responded, will place link & requested reciprocal, 5/4/99.

English Network Resources
Rhodes College site; impressive list of literary links. Contacted Blair, Maintainer, 4/30/99. Request "E-Journals, Listservs, Reference" page:

The English Server
Major site on English literature. Contacted webmaster, 4/30/99. Requested "Journals and Newspapers" page:

John Labovitz's canonical e-zine list. Contacted via online form, 5/3/99.
Specialized search engine/directory, focused on fiction. Contacted via online form, 4/30/99. Requested "E-zines" category.

The Flying Inkpot
Impressive literature-related site. Contacted via online form, 5/1/99. Requested "Magazines - Literary" in "Zine Scene" section. (The Internet Book Information Center)
Well-done e-zine on literature & books. Contacted W. Frederick Zimmerman, Editor. Requested "Magazines" page: HTTP:// Placed link, 5/1/99.

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Big list of links for librarians; includes lots of literary links. Contacted Carole Leita, Maintainer, 5/1/99. Requested "Literature" section. Responded, 5/2/99.

A Literary Index
Large list of literary links. Contacted Chris Flack, owner, 4/30/99.

The Literary Web
Web project by UV staff; good list of links. Contacted Bonnie Hanks, team member, 5/1/99. Requested "Journals" page: Declined to place link, 5/3/99.

Literature Online
Large site of electronic texts; has links to other resources. Contacted webmaster, 5/1/99. Requested "Web Resources" page.

Literature Resources for the High School and College Student
Small but well-known list of literary links. Contacted Michael Groves, Developer, 5/1/99. Requested "Magazines" section. Responded, will place link, 5/2/99.

Literature Webliography
LSU site; important guide to literature links. Contacted Electronic Services Librarian, 4/30/99.

Fairly comprehensive literary links. Contacted Andrew Mactavish, owner, 4/30/99. Requested "Journals and E'zines" page:

Lit-O-Box: Literature and Creative Writing
Nicely-done literature site. Contacted via online form, 4/30/99.

The Mining Company - English Literature
Very well-done site; links reviewed & selected. Contacted Leigh Ann Jones, Guide, via online form, 5/1/99.

Good literature-related links. Contacted Zola, owner, 5/3/99. Responded, requested graphic & will place link, 5/3/99.

O'Conner's American Literature Online
Small but well-done list of American lit-related links. Contacted Michael O'Conner, owner, 5/3/99.

Book-related site w/good list of links. Contacted Ann Theis, Maintainer, 5/1/99. Requested "Book Sites" page:

Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature
Extremely in-depth collection of literature links. Contacted Alan Liu, owner, via online form, 4/30/99. Requested "Contemporary Literature" page:

The Word
Big list of online literature links. Contacted Douglas Brick, owner, 5/1/99. Requested "Online Journals and Magazines" section. Placed link, 5/2/99.

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