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Blog Pitch Report

Last Updated: September 19, 2007

Chasing Down the Next Big Thing

by Peter Gloor and Scott Cooper

Published by AMACOM Books

Coolhunting by Peter Gloor and Scott Cooper

About Your Blog Report:

We attempted to find the highest-traffic blogs related to the topic of your book. If the blog accepts public comments, we posted a message directing people to an excerpt from your book. If the blog lacks a place to put the posting, we email the blogmaster offering a review copy of the book. This report shows the blogs we approached, what actions we took at each blog, and any response we received. When available, email addresses of blogmasters are provided; you might want to add these contacts to your database for future marketing of similar books.

Blog Promotion Sites

All Things Workplace
"Teaching smart people practical ways to become extraordinary." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Steve Roesler, [removed from public report]. 05/03/2007: Steve Roesler requested review copy and intends to mention it on his blog, as well as join in the conference call.
Measurement PRoponent / PRomulgator
"Research focusing on media effects and uses, audience analysis, reception studies and best practices in PR management and measurement." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Alan Chumley, [removed from public report]. 05/01/07: Alan Chumley requested review copy.
Portals and KM
"This blog shares ideas and hopes to generate discussion on the use of portals, blogs, and knowledge management to provide value to organizations through practical applications. New trends and technologies are covered." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Bill Ives, [removed from public report].
Kwiqq Blog
"Kwiqq is ideal for corporations, sports clubs and charities; in fact any organisation that wants dynamic web based interaction with its users. Our mission is to make the interactivity of social networking available in all of these varied settings." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Jack Fairhall, [removed from public report].
"Commentary posts from Joint Communications and the Net as we watch media trends form." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from [removed from public report].
The Social Networking Blog
Site has multiple contributors. Eric Rdz's profile says, "My research is all about Social Media technologies and their impact on individuals and companies." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Eric Rdz, [removed from public report].
The Business Innovation Insider
"Each day we showcase interesting interviews, case studies and commentary on the theme of business innovation." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Dominic Basulto, [removed from public report].
Management Craft
"Discussions about state of the art management." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Lisa Haneberg, [removed from public report].
The Entrepreneurial Mind
Blog by the Director of Belmont University's Center of Entrepreneurship in Nashville, TN. 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Jeff Cornwall, [removed from public report].
Business Pundit
"Entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, some occasional neuroscience, and anything that interests me." 04/30/2007: Requested mention from Robert May, [removed from public report]. 05/01/07: Already has review copy and will probably run book review in early June.
A Byte of MySpace
"Follows the trends of the online social networking world." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Chris Durr, [removed from public report].
Ars Technica
"The art of technology." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Jeremy Reimer, [removed from public report].
Babson Knowledge
"Knowledge work, management & productivity." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Tom Davenport, [removed from public report]. 05/02/2007: Tom Davenport requested review copy. 05/02/2007: Tom Davenport requested review copy. 09/12/07: Tom Davenport wrote about Coolhunting on his Harvard Business Online blog.
Creating Passionate Users
"The Creating Passionate Users bloggers are all fascinated by brains, minds and what science can tell us about the practice of making users passionate about their lives and tools." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Dan Russell, [removed from public report].
Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog
Blog by the Chief Technology Officer of a consulting firm that deals with Web 2.0 and other technology-related strategy and execution. 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Dion Hinchcliffe, [removed from public report]. 05/02/2007: Dion Hinchcliffe requested review copy.
Emergence Marketing
"Thoughts on marketing, innovation, social networking, new products and the impact of technology on all those thingies." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Francois Gossieaux, [removed from public report].
Fast Forward Blog
"A hosted discussion on Enterprise 2.0." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from [removed from public report]. 05/04/2007: Hylton Jolliffe requested review copy.
" is an online news and weblog published by GigaOmniMedia, Inc., a San Francisco-based company. We deliver technology news, analysis and opinions on topics ranging from broadband to online games and Web 2.0 to a monthly global audience of 500,000 consumers and professionals interested in the world of hi-tech." 05/02/2007: Requested mention via webform.
How to Change the World
"A practical blog for impractical people." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Guy Kawasaki, [removed from public report]. 05/03/07: Guy Kawasaki requested review copy.
"Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Denham Grey, [removed from public report].
"Latest news on social networking and social software." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Pete Cashmore, [removed from public report].
Micro Persuasion
"Steve Rubel on how technology is revolutionizing PR and marketing." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Steve Rubel, [removed from public report].
O'Reilly Radar
"A big part of our business is paying attention to what's new and interesting in the world of technology." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Tim O'Reilly, [removed from public report].
Read/Write Web
"Provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Richard MacManus, [removed from public report]. 05/08/2007: Richard MacManus requested review copy.
Tech Crunch
"Dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies." 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Michael Arrington, [removed from public report].
"Blog from Vice President of Media Development for" 05/02/2007: Requested mention from Robert Scoble, [removed from public report].

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